WARNING: This product contains nicotine Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Brand Story

Plato is a brand owned by Eigate
Eigate is a leading company in vape industry since 2010, specializing in R&D, design, commercialization, manufacturing, sales and marketing of vape products.
Eigate is famous world-widely for its self-developed cotton coil technology and leaking-free mechanical structure design.
Eigate is highly appreciated by the global vapers for its high flavor re-production products.
Plato combines the best coil, structure design and the advanced industrial design concept"technology"+"art" then creates the high level and stylish e-cigarette products and brings reliable, convenient and pleasant vaping experiences  for global vapers.

About Us

Welcome to Plato, a revolutionary brand that is all about life style and providing healthy alternative vape products to end users. Plato was founded on the belief that vaping can be a better alternative to traditional cigarettes and provides a different overall experience.